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Water Purification System for home and office use :



Features :


01.  100% Pure and Safe drinking water for your family .

02.  No bacteria , no odor , no chemicals , no bad particles .

03.  No daily maintenance hassle .  Just push and drink

04.  It keep you free from boiling water and your family will

keep free from any accident from handling boiled water and


05.  It help to save our natural gas reserve for our next generation .

06.  It’s just a mini size of  industrial bottled water plant .

07.  Just put it in your house and forget the hassle for drinking water .

08.  Boiled water is not 100% safe for drinking , because it contain

bad chemical and substance.

09. We ensure after sales service and maintenance .

Water tank



Description of  the Machine :

This machine  work on “Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)”  method ; which is internationally accepted best way for making safe and pure drinking water.

It has 5 stage water filtration system to confirm  quality water output.  It has a electric high pressure pump. Which consume only 24 volt 25 watt power. It has many sensor . For that the machine work and stop automatically .

It has reserve water tank of 6 to 20 liter capacity . In which it reserve drinking water to meet your sudden demand of water in any time .

The machine has different capacity. Like 50 GBD(Gallon Per Day) to 200 GBD of

drinking water production.

We use best imported element , parts and filter cartridge in our machine, which make our brand  best reliable to our customers.

We provide after sales service  with quick response